Free Download Smadav 8.8 Pro Terbaru

SmadAV a local anti-virus from Indonesia that has proven very effective to eradicate a virus that attacks roaming in Indonesia. Indonesia local antivirus national pride is quite widely used by computer users in the ground water and is the best antivirus 2012 in Indonesia. Antivirus SmadAV earmarked for local virus so it should be in the mix with external antivirus products.

Latest update of the anti-virus smadav been launched under the name smadav version 8.8. In the latest version of anti virus smadav 8.8 has added several new features including: The addition of 150 new virus database, auto-scan Completion of flash (more accurate and interactive), Completion of the features that already exist (scanning the registry, two new settings, 1 - virus-By-User, etc..)

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SmadAV Pro 8.8 has advantages compared with smadav free, feature the following advantages smadav pro 8.8:

     Automatic Updates Online
     Scanning 10x Faster
     Exception List
     Maximize / Resize Display
     Changing the Color Theme
     Indonesian / English
     Permit Use of Profit
     Admin Password

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